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Tarkovsky Revisited @ University of Porto

Dean Kavanagh was invited to give a presentation on the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky and how this echoes through his own work.

Panel: Echoes on contemporary practices

Lecture title: The hidden image: time is of the essence

Selected film screening (14th - 20th):

Animal Kingdom (2017), 121 minutes

My Name is Brutus Murdock and I Live in Hell (2015), 18 minutes

Return of Suspicion (2014), 93 minutes

Detritus (2011), 11 minutes

Tarkovsky Revisited: dialogue between the moving image and the other arts

Faculty of Arts and Humanities University of Porto (ILCML/CITCEM)

Special thanks to Andréa M. Diogo, Belfast University and University of Porto

Download PDF • 914KB


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