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Haunted By (music video)

I had the pleasure of creating a video for Matthew Devereux's new single Haunted By, streaming now. This is the lead single from his upcoming solo album, House Devil, out on April 12th.

Haunted By was captured across multiple formats including super-16 and VHS, all FX in-camera, finished in Avid.

Thanks to Matthew and Joe, Colm and the folks at CameraKit, Sebastjan and gang at Niagara Lab, and to Jared Raab for his advice.

black and white portrait of singer Matthew Devereux. The image is dark, melted and destroyed: 16mm film printed onto VHS and then printed back onto super-16mm film.

black and white image of a pitchfork resting against a ruined barn wall. THe shadow of the fork, created by sunlight, appears like a devil's clawed hand


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