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Mini-series: Late Hours of the Night now available

A lyrical and reflexive 5 part mini-series that surveys a spectral past, with journeying images, sounds and memories lost in time. Functioning as both night diary and lo-fi insomniac mystery, Late Hours of the Night (2013) forms a hypnotic drift through nocturnal semi-hallucination.

The filmmaker notes:

"This is as close as I've come to a formal, diaristic cinema. The narrative is very indirect even though the techniques are not: it is rough, playful, simple, and with a handmade feel. Nearly all of the sounds were generated by manipulating field-recordings captured from the onboard camera mic. It was shot mostly at night through a period of insomnia which lasted, on-and-off, for several months in 2013. The shoot was concluded during a residency at the Guesthouse, in Cork. I wanted to make something for the internet in the form of a TV serial, something that might appear late at night if you were within the broadcast radius of my pirate mast. It appeared on the internet in the weeks preceding Christmas 2013. The content is personal and simultaneously alien to me".

Full information, trailer and stream here.


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