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Collaboration with Loosysmokes @ Cork Midsummer

"IN RHYTHMS is an explosive aerial and acrobatic spectacle and expanded cinematic dreamscape from acclaimed aerial performance company Loosysmokes – to explore the human mind, where humanity’s feral past meets the neon-muddled, modern life. The company invite you to lose your footing in reality and enter a warped time and space where gravity’s push is forgotten and performers inhabit an expansive and captivating void."

Created by Elaine McCague, Jonah McGreevy, Imogen Macrae, Michelle Thoburn, Emily Kilkenny, Craig Cox, Conor McCague, Anja Mahler, Dean Kavanagh and Oli Ryan with support from Aoife Courtney, Olga Kuzmenko and Millie Egan

Supported by the Arts Council. Development supported by the Gate Theatre artist in residency programme, Uilinn: West Cork Arts Centre and the Circus Factory Cork

Mahler / Kavanagh collaboration with Loosysmokes

Anja Mahler and Dean Kavanagh work in the genre of experimental film. Professionally trained in fine arts and filmmaking they have been collaborating since 2015 on projects like Kavanagh’s feature Animal Kingdom and Mahler’s expanded cinema performance True Wholes.

With Loosysmokes, the duo have created a feedback system that utilises analogue video technology including circuit benders and visual mixers to interact live with the events unfolding on stage. The glitching and psychedelic results seek to shift spectators dimensionally and rhythmically in a bath of colour.


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