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★★★★ - Hole in the Head

A round-up of recent press. Hole in the Head had a stellar (sold out!) opening night at The Irish Film Institute on Friday 12th August. A great Q&A with Donald Clarke followed. Thanks to everyone who came to the show! Get your tickets here for the remaining shows!

★★★★ - The Irish Times

"The film-makers’ invention and intelligence is never in doubt. Celebrate the continuing mainstream success of Irish film. Celebrate also those working at the edges.

Donald Clarke reviews Hole in the Head for the Irish Times. Read it HERE.


Hole in the Head is listed as one-to-watch this week! Read the full article in the Irish Times HERE.

Brendan O'Connor Show on RTE1 Radio

Hole in the Head receives a great review on Sunday's show. Listen to it HERE (from 01:46:46)

★★★★ - The Irish Independent

Paul Whitington reviews Hole in the Head for the Independent.

"Kavanagh’s visually inventive film manages to draw you into its labyrinthine world, and has a winning sense of humour: the stuffed rabbit that emerges puckishly above the rim of a bathtub is worthy of Stanley Kubrick." Read the full review HERE Film Ireland Podcast

I had a wonderful chat about all things Hole in the Head with Gemma Creagh on the Film Ireland Podcast. Have a listen HERE.

Get your ticket to the film at IFI this week! One week only! Tickets HERE


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