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My Name is Brutus Murdock @ ULTRAcinema Festival 2018, Mexico

My Name is Brutus Murdock and I Live in Hell will screen as part of the Re-appropriation Programme of the ULTRAcinema Film Festival 2018 in Xalapa, Mexico.

The 2018 edition of the festival takes place from 22nd until the 25th of November.


"My Name is Brutus Murdock and I Live in Hell decomposes found footage materials, including the classic western with additional genre tropes, in an attempt to reduce cinema to its most primitive form. Concentration is transferred to the apparatus itself whereby the digital transfer of celluloid materials becomes a site for action, drama and suspense. The image capture process plays a vital role in the dramaturgy of Kavanagh's cinema, whereby customised telecine and data-cine workflows are designed to play an active role in the narrative itself. He describes this process as "a cinema of in-appropriation: a nuclear blast that first discards the debris and then, with great force, draws all of the elements back into its molten radioactive core". My Name is Brutus Murdock and I Live in Hell is at once a western, a diary film and a bleak commentary on the re-appropriation of moving image materials. God help us all."

Image Format: 16mm, 9.5mm, super8mm [Negative]

2K ProRes 422 HQ [Intermediate, Master Format]

Sound: D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1

An Easter Film Production

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