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Animal Kingdom to premiere at Irish Film Institute (April 25th)

Animal Kingdom premiere + Q&A: 6.30PM, Wednesday, April 25th at The Irish Film Institute (IFI), Dublin.

Tickets here

"Experimental filmmaker Dean Kavanagh’s latest work is a genre-defying exploration of the cinematic apparatus. The film concerns a character (played with corporeal intensity by Cillian Roche) who happens upon a group undergoing bestial metamorphosis. Narrative is not at the forefront of what is essentially a sensory onslaught, a complex and thrilling film that is sonically and visually stunning with disturbing performances from Roche, Anja Mahler and John Curran.

A film that demands to be seen in a cinema environment , critic Fergus Daly describes it as “a film-animal, repetitively clawing out its singular territorial space. ”

An exciting addition to the catalogue of underground films made by Kavanagh and colleagues over the last decade heralding a new direction in Irish cinema."

- Sunniva O’Flynn (Head of Irish Film Programming, IFI)

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Dean Kavanagh.

Animal Kingdom was funded by The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon

6.30PM, Wednesday, April 25th at The Irish Film Institute (IFI), Dublin.

Tickets here

"A very intelligent and beautiful film drawing parallels between the hidden forces of animality everywhere and the cinema medium as a storehouse of virtual powers. [...] Animal Kingdom is rivetting. [...] a film-animal, repetitively clawing out its singular territorial space" - Fergus Daly

"[Kavanagh] has certainly reached a new cinematographic experimentation level, which is destined to set a precedent, to be followed for a continuous innovation of the cinema" - Hira Lombardi (CinePensieri)

"... [a] visual-hurricane, over 120 minutes of implosive defragmentation, kaleidoscopic flashes and cerebral sounds [...] Material of immense psychotropic potential" - Luca Gigliotti (Post Tenebras Cinema)

"...a dark phantasmagoria. [...] abstract, esoteric and mystifying eye-candy that will haunt you for days... Humans can be strange creatures, but some filmmakers are like aliens" - Nikola Gocić (NGboo Art)

"A modern masterpiece, a unique and devastating experience" - Alessandro Coloberti (cinemadermister)

"...a whirling and provocative expression, technically perfect and extremely challenging in content. [...] Kavanagh's feature is unassailable (and definitely more than satisfying) from a stylistic point of view, an authentic explosion of psycho-sensitive sensations and stimuli, with a well-kept and hypnotic sound"

- Francesco Fabris (Post Tenebras Cinema)

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