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Official Selection at ULTRAcinema Film Festival, Mexico

The Curse of Johnny Kline (3D) will screen as part of the Official Selection of the "ULTRAcinema Film Festival (November 30 – December 3, 2017) in Puebla, Mexico. The film will screen in anaglyph 3D as part of the "reappropriation" category highlighting new and profound films that utilise found footage materials.

Many thanks to Michael Ramos-Araizaga and the festival team.

"The latest materialist gesture in cinema's dematerialisation- uncompromising alter-ego Johnny Kline returns in the form of found and partially destroyed early 20th century pornography and found material depicting domestic scenes. Always inappropriate in his re-appropriation of found materials Kline brings the private and public realms together in the creation of a drive-in cinema and a child's discovery of a satan-worshipping cult. A marriage of Messe Noire (1928) and the Irish landscape captured from various formats including 16mm through a customised telecine apparatus and finished in an anaglyph 3D process, The Curse of Johnny Kline stands alone in contemporary Irish underground cinema."

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