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EFS @ Gardunha Fest, Portugal

A programme of Experimental Film Society will play at HISTÉRICO – ASSOCIAÇÃO DE ARTES as part of Gardunha Fest on Saturday 28th May 2016. This programme gives an overview of EFS concerns and aesthetics.

1_ Nineveh (2015)By Émmsen Jafari/ Iran / 10mins 2_Sumpf (2015) By Jann Clavadetscher / Ireland / 6mins 3_Pitpony (2014) By Jason Marsh / UK / 4mins 4_Funnel Web Family (2013) By Michael Higgins / Ireland / 14mins 5_ Cut To The Chase (2015) By Dean Kavanagh / Ireland /10mins 6_Homo Sapiens Project (161-170) (2013) By Rouzbeh Rashidi / Ireland / 7_HSP: Fragment (2015) By Rouzbeh Rashidi / Ireland / 8mins 8_Brine Twice Daily (2015) By Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland / 20mins Total Running Time: 82mins Address: A Moagem - Cidade do Engenho e das Artes Largo da Estação, 6230-000 Fundão - Portugal

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