Dean Kavanagh (2011)

Dean Kavanagh is an experimental filmmaker from Wicklow, Ireland. He became a member of the international filmmaking collective “Experimental Film Society” in 2008. Since then he has completed over 60 films of short and feature length, which have been screened worldwide. His work is intensely visual, creating detailed atmospheres that respond to the interaction between space, time and the human body. Rural and domestic themes diaphanously sheath a rigorously formalistic interplay between sound and image.
He has worked as a video editor on commercial projects, as well as a freelance cinematographer and has won awards in this field. In 2013 Dean founded Easter Film Group as a creative platform for his films. He is a member of the EFS sound project “Cinema Cyanide”, from which ambient, drone and noise music is produced in the form of online album releases. He has been a recipient of The Irish Arts Council’s ‘Film Bursary Award’ and ‘Film Project Award’. He is currently employed by the Irish Film Programming department of the Irish Film Institute (IFI). He also holds a BA Hons. degree in Media Arts.

(2008-present |  Short Film)

2008 |
           Memory Room
           The Young Man
           The Girl With The Straw Hat
           The Birth of Cinema
           On Foot
           3 Over 4        
           ( f )
           No Change

2009 |
           Early Hours of the Morning
           Poor Edward

2010 |
           The Man In Autumn
           The Distance

2011 |
           Detritus (In Passing)
           Last Sunday
           Light From An Old Town

2012 |
           Good Evening
           The Last of Deductive Frames  (scene 3)
           Sound From The Valley Floor

2013 |
           The Last of Deductive Frames  (scene 9)
           Late Hours of the Night   (5 part mini-series)
              Revenants on Trial   (Single-channel loop with sound)

2014 |
           First Transmission
           HSP 176    - collaboration with Rouzbeh Rashidi
           HSP 181-190    - collaboration with Rouzbeh Rashidi

2015 |
           Cloud of Skin: 'Making Of' Featurette  - collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain
              HSP 191-199 - collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi
           Friends with Johnny Kline
           The Curse of Johnny Kline (3D)
           The Curse of Johnny Kline (2D)
           Cut to the Chase
           Ornaments of the Bone
            Johnny Kline's Xmas Message

2016 |
          Trailer of the TRAILERS - a promo for Rouzbeh Rashidi's TRAILERS (2016)
          This Harmony is an Accident - collaboration with Anja Mahler
            My Name is Brutus Murdock and I Live in Hell (single channel loop with sound)

( Feature Film)

2012 |
           History of Water

2013 |
           A Harbour Town

2014 |
           Forbidden Symmetries  - collaborative film with Rouzbeh Rashidi & Maximilian Le Cain
           Return of Suspicion
           Polar Nights

2016 |
           HSP 200: The End of an Era - Entertaining the Invalid (in production)
           Animal Kingdom (in production)

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