Thursday, 21 April 2016

Tragedy of Cinema

"Even if we fail at relationships, friendships, careers, basic tasks or just ‘being’ in general, we can still watch films and embrace Cinema. This is a place were a fictional gravity holds a strong force upon us and it questions whether the life we lead is worth living. For me, this is the most tragic fact in life. Nevertheless it’s always great to see you at the pictures, even if you are just a silhouette in the crowd. "
-Rouzbeh Rashidi

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Late Hours of the Night @ Luminous Void

Luminous Void continues with
Late Hours of the Night (Parts 1-5) playing on loop between April 14th - 20th
at Triskel Project Space, Triskel Arts Centre Cork.

Monday, 11 April 2016

EFS @ Filmbase April 24th 2016

EFS @ FilmBase presents
Indecent Materials

Over the past decade Experimental Film Society have been creating a landscape of deeply personal and radically experimental cinema in Ireland. The presence of eroticism is apparent across a spectrum of EFS output and the fetishism of Cinema as an apparatus is a common proclivity.

An invitation was issued to members and associated artists of EFS to create new work responding to the heading “Indecent Materials”. The resulting programme is a configuration of that material. Taking the form of six shorts and one medium length film, this material gives full attention to each filmmaker’s approach in detailing, what could be called, erotic or perverse themes. “Indecent Materials” is a combination of new and previously unscreened work that will rot the eyes, ears, teeth and loins in a display that is perhaps otherwise un-programmable. 

“Everyone knows what damage is done to the soul by bad motion pictures. They are occasions of sin; they seduce young people along the ways of evil by glorifying the passions; they show life under a false light; they cloud ideals; they destroy pure love, respect for marriage, affection for the family … [the] destruction and ruin of souls”
- His Holiness Pope Pius XI, “Use and Misuse of Films”, published by the Catholic Truth Society, July 1936.

A hole in your soul. 

Indecent Materials

1_Overture (6 min)
2_Melone [meˈloːnə] (Anja Mahler, 4 min, 2016)
3_FEED ME (Maximilian Le Cain, 3 min, 2016)
4_Heaven’s Hole (Michael Higgins, 6 min, 2016)
5_HSP 187 (Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, 5 min, 2014)
6_Blue Orgasm (Jann Clavadetscher, 4 min, 2016)
7_HSP 185 (Rouzbeh RashidiDean Kavanagh, 14 min, 2014)
8_Given That Nasty is an Egg (Jason Marsh, 42 min, 2016)

Programme duration: 84 min
Curated by Dean Kavanagh

April 24th, 3PM, Tickets: 7 Euro
Age restricted screening
FilmBase, 2 Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Friday, 1 April 2016

Luminous Void at Triskel Project Space

Luminous Void
Experimental Film Society Exhibition at Triskel Project Space
April 7th – May 21st

Luminous Void is a six-week Experimental Film Society exhibition at Triskel Project Space, Cork, that will include an installation by Cinema Cyanide (Rouzbeh Rashidi, Maximilian Le Cain, Dean Kavanagh); a series of short film programmes by EFS members and friends on loop that will change every week; and three live screening/performance events that will emphasise the open, cross-disciplinary definition of ‘cinema’ that EFS explores. 

Luminous Void’s programme of short films that sound/performance artist Vicky Langan made in collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain (screening May 5th – 11th) is running concurrently with Triskel’s Deep Focus: Women in Film Festival and will be preceded by a live performance by Langan on May 5th.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of Cork Film Centre.

All events will take place in Triskel Project Space.
Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St, Cork City
Opening hours 10-5, Tuesday-Saturday.

Venerable Brethren
an installation by Cinema Cyanide

A hallucinatory ‘call and response’ between moving image works by frequent collaborators Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh and Maximilian Le Cain that reconfigure fragments of reality as an outsider’s dream... or nightmare.

Opening Reception and Event:
Films by Atoosa Pour Hosseini (6pm Thursday April 7th)

To celebrate the opening of Luminous Void, Atoosa Pour Hosseini will present three of her recent, perceptually intense moving image works. Pour Hosseini is a Dublin-based artist whose work is influenced by the historic avant-garde cinema, alternative art and extends across drawing, painting, sculpture and film. Her films Mirage (2015), Oasis (2015) and Clandestine (2015) use a combination of Super-8 elements and digital processes to explore questions around illusion, reality and perception.

Live performance by Vicky Langan /
Screening of Stone Boat Exhausted by Open Night Cinema (8pm Thursday May 5th)

Cork-based artist Vicky Langan will kick off a week of her film work screening on loop with a live performance. Her emotionally charged performances envelop audiences in an often troublingly intense aura of dark intimacy. In opening herself emotionally, she creates rituals that at once embrace the viewers and remain resolutely private. Her practice operates across several fields, chiefly performance, sound, and film. 

Stone Boat Exhausted arises from the Open Night Cinema project by filmmaker Michael Higgins and performer Cillian Roche. A totemic walkabout through a single cycle of John Moriarty’s Dreamtime, it is a waking nightmare spawned from the id of Dublin City’s decaying industrial zones. 

Closing event:
Damp Access by Maximilian Le Cain with live sound by Trace (Mick O’Shea & Paul Hegarty) + Short film: Nineveh by Emmsen Jafari (8pm Thursday May 19th)

Cork-based EFS member Maximilian Le Cain’s feature Damp Access will get its Irish premiere with a special live accompaniment by sound art duo Trace. Mick O’Shea is a multimedia artist and a director of the Cork Artists Collective. Paul Hegarty is an author, musician, and lecturer in philosophy and visual culture at UCC.

Short Films On Loop:

Rouzbeh Rashidi (April 7th – 13th)
The founder of EFS, Rashidi is widely acclaimed as the most ferocious and radical talent in current Irish underground cinema. HSP 157 (2013) is an installment of his ongoing Homo Sapiens Project film series.

Dean Kavanagh (April 14th – 20th)
Kavanagh's work is intensely visual, creating detailed atmospheres that respond to the interaction between space, time and the human body. Late Hours of the Night (2014) is a typically atmospheric five part film series.

Jann Clavadetscher (April 21st – 27th)

Clavadetscher's practice includes installation, performance, short and feature film projects all conceived within the context of an idea of cinema. His films Sumpf (2015), [Lift] (2015) , Controle No 6 (2015) and Corridor (2016) will be screened.

The Last of Deductive Frames (April 28th – May 4th)

Sections of an ongoing collaborative project by members of EFS in which short films that reflect many of the Society’s formal concerns are put together in an ‘exquisite corpse’ type structure.

Vicky Langan / Maximilian Le Cain (May 5th – 11th)
Since 2010, sound/performance artist Langan and experimental filmmaker Le Cain have worked in a partnership built on the match between Langan’s magnetic, often troublingly intense performance presence and Le Cain’s jarring, disruptive visual rhythms. Their films Light/Sound (2010), Hereunder (2011), Dirt (2012) and Tangled And Far (2013) will be screened.

Anja Mahler (May 12th – 21st)
Mahler's work is situated in the field of time-based art. The essential element of her work is the passage and manipulation of time through the expressive use of moving image technology and the human body. Her new film, This Harmony is an Accident (2016), will be screened.