Thursday, 29 January 2015

Man Is Not A Bird

The Great Dušan Makavejev

photo by Vican Vicanović

Many, many years ago
On this roof there was a show
The director, a gentleman nicely clad and fine
Was a boy of 9
Only a few years after Mickey Mouse
Makavejev was born in this house
But the future was vague and dim
A trick was played on him
The Great War brought a new venture
The horrible theatrical adventure
The hunger came and people dressed in rugs- not in silk
The whitest water was sold as milk
Listen to me tutti-frutti
This house was a real beauty
It was full of doctors who cured dogs and kittens
On their doors was written:
“We prevent the rabies
We vaccinate the pets and their babies
The patients are kindly requested
To come clean and not let the fleas infested,
And it is forbidden to bark and bite
On this veterinary site.”
 These people were friendly and nice
Even to rats and mice
What a circus, joy and pity
In this house amidst city
Makavejev learning tricks
For the art of shooting flicks
So, at the very tender age
A boy of 9 was marked for stage

-Raša Popov