Wednesday, 18 December 2013

12 Favourite Filmmakers

"I asked members of EFS and some of its friends and associates to send in lists of their twelve favourite filmmakers for publication on the EFS website. The criteria were simple: to list the filmmakers who had the most impact on your life and art. 

Contributors all found the task hard, even almost impossible, but in the end they all submitted a list of more or less twelve names. I personally am a huge fan of such lists and make them all the time. They are fun, revealing and, I believe, something we're all curious about. Obviously, they are subject to change as we grow and develop, and the love/hate relationship we inevitably have with them (so much has to be left out!) is amusing and challenging. I was very surprised with the results and hope you enjoy reading them."

Rouzbeh Rashidi - December 2013

Dean Kavanagh's list 
(in no particular order)

 Jean-Luc Godard + Andrei Tarkovsky
Pier Paolo Pasolini

João César Monteiro 
Andrzej Żuławski
Luchino Visconti
Stan Brakhage
Ingmar Bergman

Rouzbeh Rashidi + Maximilian Le Cain + Michael Higgins
Takeshi Kitano
Aleksandr Sokurov
Akira Kurosawa
R. W. Fassbinder

Other lists by 
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Adrian Martin, Nicole Brenez,
Fergus Daly, Brad Stevens, Bil Mousoulis, 
Gianluca Pulsoni, Maximilian Le Cain and others.

All Lists here

"A Harbour Town" on Spooool Top 10 List by Michael Higgins

Late Hours of the Night (Part III) Online

Catch up with previous episodes


Saturday, 14 December 2013


A list showing displeasure towards the work of certain contemporary filmmakers.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Late Hours of the Night (Part I) Online Now

The first episode of "Late Hours of the Night" is now online.

The 4 remaining episodes will be released each week (11th, 18th, 25th, 1st).
The final episode is a Christmas Special.

Cinephile, Critic and Filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain 
has written a small piece about it on his blog. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

History of Water Premiere NY, New Irish Underground

will have it's World Premiere in Spectacle Theater, New York
on Thursday 5th of December. 

The programme will continue, with Michael Higgin's "Birds on a Wire".

Rouzbeh Rashidi & Maximilian Le Cain's collaborative feature
"Weird Weird Movie Kids Do Not Watch The Movie"
will close the programme of New Irish Underground Film
curated by Donal Foreman.